Cousin Island Seabird Census completed!

Conservation Volunteers carrying out seabird census
Conservation Volunteers carrying out seabird census

The most important parameters for monitoring seabirds are the size and long-term trends of the breeding population and these can only be determined by repeated censuses over many years (Burger and Lawrence, 2003). Seabird censuses have been carried out at regular intervals on Cousin during the last 10 years, allowing such trends to be monitored. Continue reading “Cousin Island Seabird Census completed!”


Cousin Seabird Census July 2013

ImageTwice a year, a seabird census is carried out on Cousin Island to monitor the seabird population numbers. In particular, an emphasis has been placed on calculating the numbers of breeding pairs of tropical shearwaters as recent censuses have shown a significant fall in their numbers. Continue reading “Cousin Seabird Census July 2013”