Seabird experts meets

The Seychelles Seabird Group (SSG) has just met for the group’s annual meeting to discuss the status of seabirds on Cousin, Cousine, Aride, Fregate and Denis islands. With funding from the Norwegian Embassy and Airtel Seychelles, Nature Seychelles launched SSG for a better understanding of Seychelles’ 18 species of seabirds, numbering millions of individuals. Continue reading “Seabird experts meets”


Sixth annual frigatebird survey completed on Aldabra

February saw the completion of the sixth annual frigatebird survey at Aldabra Atoll in the SW Indian Ocean. Continue reading “Sixth annual frigatebird survey completed on Aldabra”

Seychelles seabirds – Greater Frigatebird

Greater frigatebird (©Peter Chadwick)
Greater frigatebird (©Peter Chadwick)

Frigatebirds are long-distance fliers and spend most of their life flying over the ocean with a gliding, rarely flapping flight.  Unlike other seabirds, the feathers have poor waterproofing and the feet are not webbed. Continue reading “Seychelles seabirds – Greater Frigatebird”