Do you know this birdie?

“I found a greater crested tern on our beach – it is ringed with a metal ring on the left leg and yellow plastic ring on the right leg.

I haven’t managed to catch it so I don’t know the ringnumber, but I was wondering whether anyone of our fellow Seychelles’ birders remembers ringing a greater crested tern? It’s nice to know that it is currently hanging out on Denis!”

Janske van de Crommenacker, the Island Environment Manager on Denis Island spotted the Greater Crested tern (Thalasseus bergii) a few weeks ago. This is a large tern has a rather shaggy black crest and a heavy yellow-green bill. It is grey above an white below and has a forked white tail.

When feeding, these birds dive into the water to catch their prey such as fish and squid. They also pick turtle hatchlings off the water surface.


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