Seychelles “Island that belongs to birds” is a barometer for the health of the Indian Ocean

Seychelles Magpie Robin

(Seychelles News Agency) Cousin Island Special Reserve known worldwide as “the island that belongs to birds’ in the Seychelles archipelago is living to its billing. It is teeming with birds again. Well, the nesting season is here again and thousands upon thousands of seabirds are flapping all over the island. Continue reading “Seychelles “Island that belongs to birds” is a barometer for the health of the Indian Ocean”


Cousin Island Seabird Census completed!

Conservation Volunteers carrying out seabird census
Conservation Volunteers carrying out seabird census

The most important parameters for monitoring seabirds are the size and long-term trends of the breeding population and these can only be determined by repeated censuses over many years (Burger and Lawrence, 2003). Seabird censuses have been carried out at regular intervals on Cousin during the last 10 years, allowing such trends to be monitored. Continue reading “Cousin Island Seabird Census completed!”

Seabird census on Cousin Island

Lesser Noddy on nest
Lesser Noddy on nest

I arrived on Cousin Island five weeks ago. Since then, I have been involved in several ongoing projects such as monitoring the endemic Magpie-Robin and carrying out a skink census. My main project whilst I am here is to collect data for my final year thesis as part of my degree at Trinity College in Dublin.
I am collecting data on the breeding success of the Lesser Noddy- Anous tenuirostris- the most abundant tree nesting species in the Seychelles. Continue reading “Seabird census on Cousin Island”