Cousin Island Seabird Top Trumps

ImageParenting: Top points go to White-tailed Tropicbirds for the most successful parenting with 57% of chicks fledging. Whilst the White Terns and Lesser Noddys had significant losses throughout the chick rearing process the worst parenting goes to the Brown Noddy. Surveillance of a Brown Noddy Colony on one site showed some rather worrying behavior; Chicks were perhaps too close to other parents resulting in chick swapping, chick sitting, chick abandonment and chick murder! The result was eventually all chicks in this area were dead before reaching C2 stage. Continue reading “Cousin Island Seabird Top Trumps”


Welcoming a new member of the family

Nesting tropicbird
Nesting tropicbird

Having just completed their first week on Cousin we can now proudly welcome the newest member of the family. This is a week old White Tailed Tropic bird chick and it is proving to be very popular with everyone; tourists and staff a-like. Continue reading “Welcoming a new member of the family”